We live, eat, and breathe this stuff.

TCS aboutAhh. The smell of fresh ink. Love of a site at first sight. The inherent beauty in a naked brand. These are the things that drive us. Those and the “break out in a cold sweat” reaction to the idea that we would ever create anything less than our absolute best.

The Creative Stable is the brainchild of Jennifer Frazier, a Missouri School of Journalism trained journalist turned creative who decided advertising was a whole lot more fun than making a magazine back in 1985. Since its inception in 1990, The Creative Stable has grown into a creative force in Tampa Bay and beyond. With a firm foundation in creative direction, copywriting and project management, Jennifer leads an entire team of creative professionals from around the country in a virtual network that can fulfill virtually any advertising, marketing, media or pr need.

Because our studio can expand and contract based on the needs of our clients, you never pay for services you don’t need. And you never have anything less than an ace in his or her respective field on your team. We pride ourselves on making the process easy and efficient, and the end result nothing short of spectacular.

Currently, The Creative Stable’s founder is a member of the Centre Club, the Tampa Bay Advertising Federation, the National Association of Professional Women, and is listed in the National Directory of Who’s Who. She also serves on the Community Leaders Council for the Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring and on the Board of Directors for the Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club.